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DataTable.Select problem with column name having space

I have a DataTable with a column named "Insurance¬† ID". I don't have any control over how I am getting this data. I want to select a particular row but the DataTable.Select method fails because there is a space in the column name. I have tried: 1) string expr= "Insurance ID = '1'" 2) string… Continue reading DataTable.Select problem with column name having space


Authorize.Net Integration using C# / ASP.NET

I was doing payment integration for one of the site. The client uses authorize.net and I could find a wonderful code implemented by Mikhail Esteves The code goes like this. private bool AuthorizePayment(string FirstName, string LastName, string Address, string City, string State, string ZIP, string Country, double Amount) { string AuthNetVersion = "3.1"; // Contains… Continue reading Authorize.Net Integration using C# / ASP.NET