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DataTable.Select problem with column name having space

I have a DataTable with a column named “Insurance  ID”. I don’t have any control over how I am getting this data. I want to select a particular row but the DataTable.Select method fails because there is a space in the column name.

I have tried:
1) string expr= “Insurance ID = ‘1’”
string expr=“‘Insurance ID‘ = ‘1’”
string expr=“\”Insurance ID\” = ‘1’”

used with the following:

DataRow [] oaDR = myDataTable.Select(expr);

1 and 3 fail with an exception. 2 runs but nothing is found.

After some research I solved the issue using

string expr=”[Insurance ID]=’1′”

DataRow [] dRow = myDataTable.Select(expr);

It worked like a charm.


10 thoughts on “DataTable.Select problem with column name having space

  1. Thanks, worked like a charm!
    I looked far and wide for this solution!

    in C#, you can just use something like:
    string sql = “SELECT [Network Name] FROM Info where [Network Name] LIKE ‘%Comp1%'”;

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