16 thoughts on “Login issue with admin, user and unable to register in oscommerce

  1. Very very thanks for that info.

    I am wondering about osCommerce authors. Don’t they know that there are a lot of domains without www subdomain?

  2. This worked for me, but the config file has to be changed in two places:

    (where “catalog” is your oscommerce directory)

  3. Thank you very much. Helped a lot!

    I had a similar situation where I would enter the correct userid(emailid)/password for the admin page but it just keep looping back to the admin login page. Thanks to your blog, I figured out that I’d incorrectly (?) Define the webserver and path parameters for e.g.:
    define(‘HTTP_SERVER’, ‘http://localhost/catalog’);
    define(‘DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG’, ‘/’);

    I changed it to:
    define(‘HTTP_SERVER’, ‘http://localhost’);
    define(‘DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG’, ‘/catalog/’);

    I’m not sure what difference this would have made, but it worked 🙂
    Note: I’ve just mentioned two changes, but the rest are along the same lines

  4. Respected Sir…

    I use oscoomerce for online shopping. this was working fine. but now a day there is problem of admin and front side login shopping cart is also not working. i have debug code in application top file there is problem of session registerd. if i comment that code than it’s working in admin section. there is alse one error deprecated ereg function. i am trying to solve last 10 days but still i do not get any solution.
    so please if you have any solution then give me as soon as possible.


  5. Hi.. everyone.. Im have same problem with access at the admin panel the error is: Error: Invalid administrator login attempt.

    Im truncate the table administrators and recreate any new admin.

    the error is repeated: Invalid administrator login attempt.

    Please any Help.

  6. That was just my case, no bother deleting admin users in database, emptying order_recorder and .htaccess. Only your suggestion (modifying site name in both config.php from includes & admin) did the trick. Thanks

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