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Google Checkout Integration in osCommerce

We were setting up a shopping cart using osCommerce and client’s requirement was to integrate google checkout with the site. We didn’t integrated one before and that was the first time. But initially it was easy as we got an addon from the  form the site and we integrated it straight away. But later after reviewing it client requirement is that the order placed through google should be shown in the admin UI of oscommerce. So we started searching for new plugin and after some research we got that it needs level 2 integration with google check out.  We have downloaded the addon from the link http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4556.

But after integrating it, the checkout works fine but it’s not showing in the Admin UI. We have researched on the issue and nothing came in our way. At last ie today we have got that fixed.  The issue was we have to put the API callback URL in the google checkout Settings->Integration.

The call back url will be http://yoursite.name/googlecheckout/responsehandler.php where google checkout is the folder which we will be getting with the addon. We have still implemented the sandbox version only. More issues may be faced while changing that to live. Any way the addon is wonder ful which have good documentation and also tool to create htaccess and htpassword files.

To change the check out to live we need SSL certificate in the server.

That will be integrating soon and I will post my experience after that.


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