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Adding a Plugin in WordPress

We got a requirement from a client that he needs a plugin to search tables that he uploaded in the wordpress database he have. Basically it’s a restaurant site and he had a csv file having some data. So we have to export that to the database and created a table. Next challenge we faced was how to search a custom table in wordpress. I have researched in the wordpress site, forum etc but couldn’t get a lead that is satisfactory for me. I have looked for hooks, filter and action in wordpress whether something is there but I couldn’t find anything. At last after some sort of research I thought to implement a plugin which will create a page on activation. And also create a search widget which will direct to the newly created page with the corresponding search criteria. Also used some regular expression to display the data. This is in short. I will publish part of some codes I used for developing the plugin later. And also the next challenge I got from the client.


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